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Jason Ramos - UAS Drone Pilot / Search & Rescue

Jason A. Ramos has been a first responder for over three decades and spent most of his time as an aerial-delivered wildland firefighter. In 2005, Jason started flying RC planes and helicopters.

Currently, he is the lead drone pilot for Okanogan County Search & Rescue, Washington State.

Okanogan is the largest county in the state, and with that comes huge challenges in the winter. After years of trying various manufacturers, he found The Heat Company to be the best cold-weather glove currently made. Drone pilots need dexterity and tactility. It's an absolute must for extreme missions in austere environments. 

“Without these tools, I can’t operate at exacting standards in extremely cold weather. When we get called out for a mission, someone is having an extremely bad day.  We need every edge we can get.”

The Heat Company gloves and liners are now an essential item in his gear bag for operating drones in the cold winters of places like the North Cascade Mountains.

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