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  • The Outdoor Gear Review - Heat 3 Smart Gloves

    The most EXPENSIVE gloves that I have ever worn. Also the Warmest. All in all excellent quality. These are the Heat Company Heat 3 Smart Gloves and this is my review...
  • Heat 3 Smart Gloves Field Test

    We've never had our viewers ask about a product as much as the Heat 3 Smart Gloves Chris and Jordan wear, so we take a look at these warm little marvels!
  • Heat 3 Smart Gloves

    Unlike many other modern gloves which are designed for extreme weather, the Heat 3 Smart gloves are not equipped with battery powered heating systems. In order to give you the necessary protection against the cold, these gloves rely on superior craftsmanship and the incorporation of high quality materials.
  • Heat 3 Smart Gloves

    The “smart gloves” might get your eyes rolling, but don’t worry, the Heat 3 Smart Gloves don’t feature any built-in Wi-Fi; they’re just smart gloves.
  • Heat 3 Smart Gloves — Photography Gloves

    I’ve been wanting to get a pair of proper winter gloves for when I’m out shooting, but I haven’t been able to find anything that really seemed to work. By random chance I found an article about the the Heat 3 Smart Gloves...
  • Heat 3 Smart Glove, Optimal Cold Weather Photography Glove?

    The Heat 3 Gloves are similar to other half-finger mittens with the ends flipping back to expose the fingers. Unlike many similar gloves, the flaps have nicely protected zippers to enclose
    the warmth.
  • 10 Best Photography Gloves to Buy in 2019

    Weather can be a severe issue for photographers. If rainy, stormy weather isn’t damaging equipment, it’s the cold. It could be enough to stop a shoot from happening.
  • The Heat Company Gloves

    Gloves are something of a problem for photographers. We need to wear gloves thick enough to effectively keep our hands warm, it is after all hard to operate the camera with numb fingers, but not so thick that the gloves themselves reduce our dexterity.
  • Heat 3 Smart Gloves Review

    This is a full review of the Heat 3 Smart Gloves, rated by extreme weather photographers as the best gloves in even the coldest of conditions.
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